Highway Work Zone Accidents

Construction on transportation projects is a vital component to maintaining and expanding the transportation system. When construction is taking place on an active roadway it is considered a ‘highway work zone’ and necessitates government-mandated safety procedures and signage.

Highway work zones present challenges for safe transportation as the roadway is often altered, workers are present near a roadway, and safety devices need to be adequately deployed. Construction projects also tend to distract a driver, which increases the risk of an accident.

The United States Department of Transportation comments on highway work zones:

The safe and efficient flow of traffic through work zones is a major concern to transportation officials, industry, the public, businesses, and commercial motor carriers. The FHWA has developed the National Highway Work Zone Safety Program (NHWZSP) to reduce the fatalities and injurious crashes in work zones, and to enhance traffic operation and safety within work zones. To learn more about all aspects of work zones, please go to


The National Work Zone Safety Information Clearinghouse (NWZSIC) website provides more information regarding work zones: http://www.workzonesafety.org/.

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